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We are an established digital marketing agency, so knowing your goals and aims for all aspects of your brand, we are swiftly able to build digital strategies around the channels we know will work best for you. With our years of digital marketing agency experience within the team here in Belfast, we know how to create these effectively to provide a framework for your brand to grow in a clear and defined direction. Meanwhile you focus on delivering the product or service you created. Go team.

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Dynamic strategies.

Spend wisely. Investing in the right combination of digital marketing increases your brand awareness, drives more leads and boosts your search rankings, making your business more accessible to the customer. It’s easy to throw money at any form of digital marketing though. So takes a well thought-out, well-strategized process to build a successful and effective online campaign that leads to a really beefy ROI. We bring the beef. *Vegan options available.

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Grow with google ads and Linkedin.

A cost-effective advertising method and a crucial key element in building a successful overall digital marketing campaign for your business. Our marketing agency data experts create a campaign most suitable for your target audience. We have the options and experience of multiple platforms for B2C and B2B. We are results-driven and formulate highly relevant keywords and headlines to reinforce your brand’s core message. We’ll also factor in demographics, location, device and audience to help ensure your campaign’s success. We got this.

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Make an impact.

Engaging your target audience in impactful ways through social media is cost-effective in building long-lasting communities and creates impactful growth opportunities for your business. Building the right social media experience, with the right kind of content requires strategic planning. At Platform Media we have an in-depth understanding of how social media marketing campaigns perform and the different varieties of content work best depending on the functions of the platform. Let us loose. 

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what you do.

Who says no one likes a show off? We want to show off your business. On the right platforms. All the time. We can help you leverage the tangible power of social media. Our team work in collaboration to build campaigns to achieve your marketing and branding goals through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Our agency will develop your marketing objectives and can create brand-relevant content including photos, videos, and graphics to inspire, and engage. We’ll meticulously measure the success of each campaign for you through metrics specific to each platform for continuous growth and success of your business. Yes we do a lot. So you don’t have to.

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