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You have spent time, resources and energy into hosting a successful corporate event, whether it’s a business conference, networking event or award presentation, you also spent so much time promoting it, but once it’s over, it’s over. Capturing the event can open the possibility of not only bringing the event to a wider audience but gives you the opportunity to promote future events by showcasing the success of past events.

Why video?

If you’re holding a corporate event, there are plenty of reasons to capture it, here are a few important reasons. Capturing the event on video allows you to showcase the event itself and furthermore, gives you content to use to promote future events too. Also, capturing an event gives you a library of video to use to promote and showcase personal elements of your business such as an enthusiastic and friendly workforce and even show your employees in action. Another important aspect of event videography is the ability to make it unmissable to those who were unable to attend the event. Showing the event online will deliver an increased audience in addition to the attendees.

How do we video an event?

Our innovative videographer will use an array of specialised camera equipment to shoot every aspect of the event, from wide angles and birdseye views of the event space, professional stage filming with crystal clear audio recording to creative walkthroughs of the event space with smooth steadicam gimbal or hyperlapse edits around the event, no matter the layout of exhibits, tables, booths, etc.

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