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Why should I use video?

Not only are more people using digital methods for browsing the property market but they are becoming more engaged with video content online. Video is a tool that can be used across your marketing platforms, from your website to your social media accounts. There are many ways video is an essential part of your estate agency, here are three;

  • Estate agency video can help boost results from existing marketing efforts such as your agency’s social media presence.
  • Estate agency video can appeal to target customers, providing clear and concise information, advice and solutions for very specific customers.
  • Boost SEO for your website, improving your ranking on Google and making your website more engaging for your visitors.
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Property Walkthrough Video

Photography alone may not be enough to showcase a stunning property, inside and out. Grab their attention and keep them watching with a stunning high quality video tour. Give potential buyers or tenants a true feel of the property prior to their viewing, with a smooth and professional walkthrough of the property. With our top of the range camera stabilising gimbal, your audience will be drawn into each room with a stunning wide angle view bringing an engaging digital viewing experience to your website and social media platforms.

Estate Drone Video

At Platform Video our drone is specially equipped for the production of interior and exterior aerial video, bringing a whole new perspective to properties of all sizes in any location. Our experienced videographer pilots our state-of-the-art drone capable of capturing beautiful HD, Full HD, 4K and Ultra HD resolution aerial video of the entire property.

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Agency Promotion

We also specialise in estate agency promotion, producing videos providing customers and clients with information, case studies and testimonials. Video gives you the ability to get clear and concise information straight to your audience, keeping them informed and up to date with the constantly evolving housing, property and mortgage environment. Also, a friendly face is an important part of your agency. This can build trust and authenticity with your agents and advisors appearing in videos, so your audience can get to know more about you while learning about your services.

Want to Know More About Estate Agency Video?

Get in touch with us, we can talk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have on how your business could benefit from appearing in video.

*Our highly skilled drone pilot will never operate the drone in unsafe conditions.


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