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The sky’s the limit with

aerial videography

Taking your business to new heights

At Platform Video our drone is specially equipped for the production of interior and exterior aerial video, bringing a whole new perspective to your brand and business. Our experienced videographer pilots our state-of-the-art drone capable of capturing beautiful HD, Full HD, 4K and Ultra HD resolution aerial video.

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Breathtaking creativity

Our creative approach to videography focuses on innovative ways to showcase your business. Our drone pilot can capture high octane footage at speed, static or mobile birds eye views inside and out, or provide angles and perspectives like you’ve never seen before. Once captured, all footage is skillfully edited and beautifully graded, giving your audience an unforgettable and memorable experience with your business at the forefront.

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Flying past the competition

Drone shot aerial footage is ubiquitous for each and every style of marketing video, giving a fresh and eye catching perspective of your business and how you operate like you’ve never seen before. Drone videography is the perfect addition to your television advertisement, social media content, website video, showreel, promotional video or event and is a sure way of standing out from the crowd.

First Class Safety

At Platform Media, safety comes first, that’s why we are fully compliant with all safety regulations, in each area and environment we use our aerial equipment. Our drone operator is registered with the IAA and all of our equipment is maintained and in safe working order. Our highly experienced drone pilot never operates in unsafe conditions and a safety risk assessment is always carried prior to shooting.

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