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Don’t tell your customers

what you can do, show them

Why do I need a promotional video?

Video is the ultimate tool to getting your audience’s attention, but great video is keeping them watching. High quality and engaging promotional video will not only present your brand and messaging but it can keep your products in front of your audience and entice them to take action and influence their buying decisions.

What is a promotional video?

  • A showcase of your product, on the shelf or in action as product demonstrations.
  • A presentation of your services, your hard work and excellent customer service can be seen first hand in a high quality video giving your audience a flavour of what you do.
  • A smooth walkthrough of your store, workshop or premises giving your audience a sense of your business.
  • Aerial drone footage of your premises giving a new perspective of your business premises and providing a regional context to promoting your business.
  • Testimonial videos featuring customers or employees can give your business an authenticity, building trust for your brand with a new and existing audience.
  • A seasonal take on your products or services, providing a specific message to a targeted audience promoting a specialised product or service.

Is a promotional video right for you?

If your business is online with a website and active on social media, then promotional video is the perfect approach to getting eyes on your brand, products and services. We can produce, plan, storyboard, shoot, edit, export and distribute, high quality and engaging video content, to suit any digital platform of distribution.

Want to Know More About Promotional Videography?

Get in touch with us, we can talk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have on how your business could benefit from appearing in video.


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