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Elevate the brand.

Wallpaper Emporium has built a finely tuned stock of premium interior design products using their vast experience. All delivered with their excellent customer service levels. Now they wanted to refine and elevate their brand even further to new and existing audiences. The aim; to communicate those carefully built Wallpaper Emporium’s customer-centric values through modern design and a smooth user experience on a fully responsive e-commerce website. This would engage with customers seeking out their quality home decor products and increase sales online.

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Stripping it back

In essence, the task at hand was a full digital marketing revolution which would completely transform how they trade online. As with any decorating project, it was all about stripping things back and starting from there. Our team completed a thorough market and brand research phase to see how things stood, what were the strengths and what could be improved. We were able to map Wallpaper Emporium’s competitor landscape and assess brand concepts, digital marketing solutions and quantify their audience satisfaction to define a clear branding and digital marketing plan, ready for design and implementation.



Enhance the brand

Wallpaper Emporium had already been in the business for a long time. Well established, trusted brand recognition. This already had huge foundations for us to work from. For the new phase of the development, we made sure that all their brand values were communicated clearly, and their visual identity created a statement in the new market across all platforms. Their evolved logo gives the brand a new sense of recognisability and instills a sense of stability and confidence within the competitive market place which includes several multi nationals.

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Follow the leads

With a wide and diverse array of high quality products from wallpaper to murals to paints, accessories and tools, the website needed a well thought out and responsive design to provide an engaging and slick performance, usability and display in each department to make sure this level of quality was mirrored. Ensuring every product was clearly and elegantly defined and presented on all devices, this consistency across the whole site would be crucial for the perfect customer experience from the very minute they land. Having all these factors in place would also be paramount for lead generation.

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Digital decor

A comprehensive range of products needed a comprehensive yet easily navigated website. Our collaborative approach created a bespoke and visually engaging e-commerce site with streamlined navigation. The goal was to display Wallpaper Emporium’s products and services in a clean and straightforward way. Our design puts the customer at the centre, making their user journey as convenient and easy as possible. Our goal was to create a well-defined and targeted strategy which was product, service and location focused and that would result in great conversion metrics and well-defined Google Ads strategy to increased their web traffic and digital conversions.

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The digital touch

Wallpaper Emporium’s aim was to build their online visibility, web traffic and increase leads monthly. Our team developed a Google Ad campaign that included specific target audience targeting to provide high-value leads. We highlighted Wallpaper Emporium’s values and high level of expertise within their industry to optimise the performance of their campaign. Since launching the new Wallpaper Emporium website and Google Ad campaign, they have seen consistent growth in their visibility and performance.



Success by design

We continuously monitor web traffic and the performance of each campaign. Over time, we are driving more users to the website and building organic traffic, meeting Wallpaper Emporium’s digital marketing goals. The clear branding and digital marketing plan ensured the right collaborative framework was in place to follow through with everything we had created. This successful business is now operating through a brand new digital shop front which has created new revenue streams from sources that were quite simply not previously possible.


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