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From our family to yours, from 1926

With their large range of ladies, gents and childrens shoes plus accessories, McKillens were now in a position to take their highly respected brand global. They entrusted Platform Media to delivery a whole new digital marketing journey, leading their rebranding, building a full e-commerce website, creating social media campaigns, and optimising their Google Ads network. All with the simple aim… to drive sales.

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A heritage brand
for the future

With a wide array of quality brands, McKillens wanted to reflect their historic and trusted name to new and existing customers, showing their products in interesting and impactful ways. This retail sector would require a comprehensive and responsive online store while maintaining a consistent McKillens brand aesthetic. The balance needed to be struck between being strategically designed for staff management but also visually engaging and responsive, optimised for results and growth in sales. Our web team build a wireframe design which met all of these needs and more which enabled a comprehensive ecommerce strategy to be built out from there.

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Various sizes and fittings.

Crucially of course, this strategy iincluded integrating their wide ranging stock system into the website. Not only that but photographing the full product inventory for digital display, creating modern graphics and shooting high-quality videos and images on location at the McKillens store for web and also future social media content to back up the strategy. It was vital that the new platform created a smooth and enhanced shopping experience for the customer to ensure they followed through smoothly to conversion at checkout.

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customer experiences.

With a stunning website now live to showcase their ranges, the focus would now be on three key goals to utilise it to its full potential by executing the social media campaigns and digital marketing. To increase brand awareness for McKillens, strengthen audience relationships, and share their products and services in innovative ways with an engaging and strong social media presence. We developed a Google Ads strategy that built highly targeted campaigns. The goal was to increase lead generation, website clicks and the all important conversions at checkout. We used our created content to engage online users and Facebook and Instagram target audiences to bring customers to the new McKillens virtual door.

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Maintaining Excellence.

With market growth for McKillens now in action, their aim was to build on that success and continue to generate leads and conversions. With the website, social media and Google Ad campaigns launched, we continue to use data-driven analytics to monitor the performance of all their digital services. Collectively, all campaigns have provided us with insight to know that McKillens continue to increase in all metrics, including an increase in web traffic, social media reach, audience engagement and conversions. These insights let us know that our approach was highly effective for McKillens in developing a strong digital presence and ensuring their historic brand is all set for the future.

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Best foot forward.

The success of McKillens has been a joy to watch. The aim was to continue to grow their business, but into new digital platforms, reaching new audiences. Platform Media led McKillens through a successful rebranding, building them a full e-commerce website with all content shot by our team. With that live, the social media campaign pushed their previously locally respected brand… globally, optimising a Google Ads strategy to maintain momentum through engagement and strategically planned seasonal campaigns. This has seen sales figures increase across all sectors of the business as they ship worldwide. We continue to analyse the key metrics which indicate successful performance and provide actionable recommendations to McKillens to ensure we continue to drive growth for this fantastic client.

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