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A fresh look in a new marketplace.

Carey Cleaning Machines is one of the leading providers of high-end industrial cleaning machines in Northern Ireland, mainly under the Tennant Brand. After being awarded the all-Ireland dealership by Tennant, Carey’s enlisted Platform Media to lead the necessary impactful branding for the new arm of the business, a stand alone website and to create a long term digital strategy to set them in a firm position to embark into the new marketplace.

Carey Tennant Website

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Planning for success

Clean, precise, efficient. The high quality cleaning solutions which Carey Tennant provide are based on these elements. These themes became our creative guides beginning with the creation of a new corporate identity to portray these succinctly to prospective audiences in the South of Ireland. This brand would roll out to a new responsive website outlining how innovative Carey Tennant machines can expertly solve common industry problems efficiently and precisely. Targeted lead generation strategies using research to build visibility as the Tennant dealer for Ireland would drive enquiries in tandem with a social media plan.

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A trusted brand for major investment.

The aim for Carey’s was to gain the trust of the target market, namely facility and warehouse managers, who would make the major investment in the Carey Tennant machinery. The concept was to elevate the branding into a corporate level. An identity which the target market would feel a trusted connection with. A strong, sturdy, ‘blocky’ font  helps portray the feeling of quality which Carey Tennant have spent years building and which we wanted to help elevate collaboratively.

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Increased visibility for the target audience.

Carey Tennant offer innovative equipment to help facilities manage daily challenges such as costs, efficiency, labour, health and safety. A quality, efficient cleaning solution with a high return on investment. The aim of the website build was quick visibility and engagement with these solutions. A clear presentation and a smooth flow of the typical problems companies encounters such as debris, spillages, dust or dirty floors and instantly provide Carey Tennant’s innovative machinery displayed clearly with their extensive stock of products and services available so the potential user lands, scrolls and finds the offering as swiftly as possible.

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A targeted campaign to generate leads.

Carey Tennant now needed to reach new facility managers across the Republic of Ireland, specifically a band of territory where they were able to service needs quickly due to logistics. Our goal was to create strategic campaigns through Google Ads and Social Media that set clear KPIs and received great conversion results for Carey Tennant, which increased their lead generation and drove customers to the website where the range of machinery was clearly defined.

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Driving into new realms of industry.

The Carey Cleaning Machines business has gone from strength to strength since their launch in 2006. For this new phase of their continued expansion across the island, they tasked us to provide a one-stop-shop, digital marketing solution involving market research, branding, web design, web management and social media management to take their already thriving business into new realms of the industry under the Carey Tennant name. We track their lead generation to monitor all digital channels, analysing the key metrics that indicate successful performance and providing actionable recommendations to meet Carey Tennant’s ever ambitious goals.

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