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Our client had years of experience as a highly respected groomer and was now launching with a stand alone presence on a main arterial route into Belfast. So the aim was to make an impactful and lasting impression not only in their field, but where they are located. The brand was to be built from the ground up with a roll out planned across all mediums beginning with the signage and feeding through into every aspect of the business to then communicate to the target market and maintain the brand as a presence within regular repeat custom. Prime positioning on the busy road meant the signage and branding was a key marketing strategy in itself.

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the plan_

Embarking on
a new identity

The branding had to make that crucial impact while being recognisable as the industry we needed to portray. From our market research analysis, we embarked on a creative approach which we agreed would follow these points through the branding process; professionalism, playfulness and unique recognition. The brand needed a voice and ubiquity across marketing platforms and materials. The defining principles of how we would portray the brand were agreed with the client and the process began to create the new identity within the overall development plan.

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the design_

Bold, punchy and professional.

We initiated the concept by aligning the brand with the agreed objectives. As always we began by creating comprehensive brand guidelines which would be our parameters when carrying out any creative work on the business. This was presented to the client as a point of reference. We researched both the grooming industry, and as a tangent, we looked into the history of the barber industry too. We came up with a strategy which would sync the two but in a manner that would ultimately lean towards our target industry which is where the playful aspect came into view by combining the traditional barber’s pole sign (which dates back to the middle ages) with a classic dog’s bone shape and the brand name centred between. Strong, bold, punchy colours, professionalism, playfulness and unique recognition.

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the creation_

Bright and noticeable.

Beginning with the external signage, we needed to display the brand whilst always maintaining a bright and noticeable presence for the busy road and foot traffic in the area 24/7. Our precise fret cut design gave the new logo a three dimensional look and feel, complemented with the stunning backlighting. To take advantage of their placement in a corner unit with an exposed side wall, a mesh banner was designed to promote the brand and show it off to the passing dog loving commuter, covering the exposed side wall. The banner was the perfect solution to fill ample space on the side of the building with bold colour to last all weathers. The result? This signage is unmissable. With the main installation complete, we could now begin transferring this identity throughout the business.

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the roll out_

Quality throughout.

The same level of standards were applied to each and every aspect of the roll out. Internally, the client needed internal signage which was strong and lightweight, to be fitting to and also around the counter in the premises. We printed high quality graphics and branding on foamex and it was fitted by our experts giving the shop a welcoming and recognisable look and feel. Stunning appointment cards were designed, formatted for their purpose to clearly leave contact information and service details with the business, while being bright, colourful and informative. The cards were printed beautifully using quality materials making the new branding pop on there and across all marketing materials which we were also able to provide. The easiest part of the roll out is when everything else has fallen into place, the client is happy and we can upload across all web and social media to great effect for launch.

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the results_

Playful and unique.

Our research strategies are key in beginning every project. A deep dive into the customer’s business helps us get a feel for them, their industry and how we can create a new identity which can make an impact within that particular niche. We create a vision based on our findings and our partnership with the client brings everything through from concept to sign off to installation and delivery. When we partnered with The Barking Barber, we had the challenge to create a brand from the ground up using the client’s heritage in the business as our base. The aim of professionalism, playfulness and unique recognition enabled us to create something very special which the client was ultimately delighted with and which is making an impact on their bottom line now the business is up and running, building and maintaining a loyal customer base.

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