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Brewing an
established brand.

Caffe Zaza is one of the finest coffee houses in the area. But on an avenue saturated with cafes it was a challenge to maintain a brand presence for passing trade. Caffe Zaza had already brewed an established brand, but it was time to take it to a whole new level. They came to Platform Media with a simple brief for us to undertake; to make them stand out on the Lisburn Road with new professional, premium, bright signage, branded interior signage and graphic marketing materials. Challenge accepted.

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the plan_

Classy and comfortable.

It was important to Caffe Zaza that their interior environment reflected the classy image and aesthetic of their exterior. They had carefully built on this since their inception. It was our responsibility to take this benchmark and run it through our vision. So following the brand guidelines, we set about planning how we would encompass the elements of the brand identity already in place, but roll out new ideas and interior changes to help with their aim. Ultimately it was crucial to not only attract new customers via a classy exterior, but retain their custom via a slick, comfortable and memorable experience. Combine this with the  food and customer service, it was to be the setting for a Caffe Zaza visit to remember each and every time.

Caffe Zaza 2 scaled - Platform Media

the design_

Crisp, clear and clean.

We set out to portray the brand across the interior with an array of new, clean, crisp signage. Crisp, clear and clean, easy to read, contemporary. All these themes would feed into the design as we looked at the multitude of new aspects we would bring to the experience. The challenge was to harness all the elements in place to date and maintaining a brand presence throughout. Our team of creatives set to work on researching fonts, finishes, in situ lighting, measurements, any visual impediments in the space. Every stone was turned. Meticulous research leads to a precision design. It also helps when sitting down to actually create the design. Knowing the space and the brand inside out. 

Caffe Zaza 4 scaled - Platform Media

the creation_

Illuminate the brand.

Design, plan, create, install. Face-lit 35mm stainless steel letters with LEDs mounted inside the letters were fit in a specific manner to illuminate the face perfectly. A classy look standing proud on the busy road. Colours of acrylic, the returns, and LED and were mixed and matched to suit the branding. They can be used for internal and external projects alike. The menu signage was designed and printed beautifully to the highest quality, making it recognisable and easy to read. The menu board vinyls behind the counter followed suit with a tone to match the brand guidelines and text that popped from the rich background. For promoting a new brew or showing off their stunning array of menu items, our high quality posters display crisp imagery and Caffe Zaza’s branding throughout the cafe. Printed using the highest quality materials, the posters are bold, colourful and eye-catching.

Caffe Zaza 11 scaled - Platform Media

the results_

Warm and welcoming.

This was a transformation which worked on every level as briefed by the client. A warm, welcoming and comfortable interior with natural materials such as stone and wood combined with soft, industrial splashes provided the perfect backdrop for our designs to settle and shine. The crisp and clean manifesto we all worked from was evident from outside the front door to in front of the counter to in front of the customer in the form of the menu at the table. A 360 degree branding and visual project which fulfilled the brief and then some giving the already established identity a flourish, providing them a reinforced standing in their busy location in suburban Belfast. Job done. Coffees all round.

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