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Inspiring and Thought Provoking

We were honoured to work with Mid & East Antrim to produce a short film and media campaign to mark Dementia Awareness Day featuring local people in the borough living with dementia and their carers.

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council created an inspiring and thought-provoking Dementia campaign to mark World Alzheimer’s Month in September 2023. The council partnered with Alzheimer’s Society and Inter-ethnic Forum to develop the campaign which features a range of residents who are living with Dementia, or care for a loved one with Dementia. 

A Meaningful Partnership

This was a remarkable project to work on and began with initial research and development between our creative team and the client. The aim was to build upon the council’s existing ‘Dementia Friendly Borough’ initiative which is delivered as part of an ongoing strategic priority to respond to an ageing population. Listed within Mid and East Antrim’s Community Plan – ‘Putting People First’, the work to date has seen more than 700 individuals take part in Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Awareness training throughout the Borough and a calendar of events for people impacted by Dementia – which has been rolled out each year.

Putting people first folder of material
Mother and her daughter acting as carer

We See You, We Care

To build on the awareness foundations, the project was framed around the messaging; ‘We see you, we care’ and it was to ensure visibility of people living with dementia and those who care for them. We developed a plan which would involve a multi location, two day shoot which would involve us shooting a range of residents including a gentleman with dementia and his son who is his carer in Ballymena, a lady with dementia and her daughter who is her carer in Larne, a gentleman in Larne who was carer to his late wife with dementia, a lady in Ballymena who is carer for her mum with dementia (via Inter-ethnic Forum) and her translator as well as the Dementia Choir in Larne. So it was a complex plan where we had to respect the time and space of the participants who were very kind and generous with their time to allow us to film them.

Highlighting Available Support

The shoot was planned out with detailed shot lists and location prep along with huge support from the council and the families which we greatly appreciate. It was a heartwarming and inspiring couple of days and even more so in the edit when the stories all come together to form one narrative. The final output includes a series of videos and graphics which were promoted throughout Mid and East Antrim to raise awareness of Dementia and highlight vital help and support available across the Borough. The film was also kindly screened in local cinemas and the impact across the area was instantly tangible as feedback came through very quickly as the film was viewed and images were shared of the billboards and digital screens right across high traffic areas of the community.

Highlighting Support
A special project

A Very Special Project

This was a very special project which required a vast amount of detailed work and preparation in order for all the touch points to be considered and orchestrated with minimal interference. We thank everyone who was involved in the making of this film, the team at Platform Media was overwhelmed with how it turned out and are hugely proud to have been a small part in what is a fantastic initiative by Mid and East Antrim.


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