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Bringing History to New Places.

Founded in 1788, this is the oldest library in Belfast and the only remaining library in Ireland that still generates a proportion of its income from membership. This historical institution looked to the future and wanted to incorporate video content into their Ireland Divided exhibition, bringing the history of Northern Ireland to audiences visiting the event and to those at home.

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Presenting history in the 21st century.

The Linen Hall Library is the oldest library in Belfast. And now in the 21st Century, this historical institution wanted to move things forward and incorporate video content into their fascinating Ireland Divided exhibition. Bringing the history of Northern Ireland to audiences visiting the event and also to those at home.


The best of both worlds.

The videos would be accessible via visitor’s device by scanning the corresponding QR code at each section, and would also be available online at a later date and for promotional purposes. We wanted to produce a style of video that was visually pleasing, informative and concise without taking the visitor away from actually being in the stunning exhibition space.


A new dimension to museum curation.

Our focus was on creating a series of videos to engage and inform the visitor of what is displayed at each section of the exhibition clearly and with all of the relevant context. Utilising Linen Hall’s resident historian Jason Burke was a no-brainer, to help drive the narrative while smooth shots and soft transitions brought the story to life.


A library of content.

The Linen Hall Library brought traditional museum curation into the digital age, with their Ireland Divided exhibit. Digitising the tour experience allowed visitors to absorb the exhib at their own pace while following the path through time listening to Jason Burke explaining the context of each artefact they see within the historic wall of the Library. Video also allowed individuals who could not make it to the exhibit to enjoy the experience online from the comfort of their own homes.


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