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Marketing with mileage

Based in Dungannon, Donnelly Group has been a leading dealer in new and used luxury Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles for many years. Selling comfort and style is their first language and applying that trusted brand to television advertising would make for great content and exposure. 

Hitting the ground driving

With vehicle stock levels in place and two finance packages created, Donnelly Group wanted a TV advertising campaign to promote each of the offers to the local market and definitive demographics within their catchment area. They had a tight turnaround and the offer was in place for a limited time. So they partnered with us to plan, shoot, edit and build the campaign with Sky Adsmart. We had significant experience in the field and a close relationship with Sky from multiple projects so we partnered with the team at Donnelly Group for content creation designed and built to advertise effectively on TV.

1 - Platform Media
2 - Platform Media

Content creation in top gear

As Donnelly Group is a long standing and trusted dealer of two of the world’s biggest and most highly revered vehicle manufacturers, to advertise on TV, it was important to convey clearly and concisely the precise on-brand messaging as well as clearly defining the offers. Our approach to content creation on this project was to make each video as slick and impactful as possible, using a range of innovative and eye catching shooting and editing techniques to ensure the every vehicle is presented in a luxurious and appealing way to anyone in the market for a new car.

Nought to sixty in 30 seconds

Our team spent a day on site in the showroom, capturing details of the car, electronic flourishes, unique design aesthetics, drone shots, in car dash and customer experience from intro to deal done. The full Donnelly Group customer journey in a 30 second TV ad with a hook and fully cleared messaging. This TV ad takes the audience on a tour of the customers journey, with a warm and friendly introduction, using quick and snappy transitions making the car the star of the show.

3 - Platform Media
4 - Platform Media

You have reached your destination

Outlining the deals and offers available from Donnelly Group as the hook, and publishing the ad through Sky AdSmart allowing the ad to be shown only to those in target regions and in the market of a new luxury vehicle…. This was pinpoint campaign planning utilising our experience and that of Sky to take this TV ad to the right eyes at the right time which lead to a successful return on investment and an incredible level of brand awareness for future engagement.


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