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What are you having for lunch?

Boojum has become a lunchtime staple all across Belfast, with a powerful, energetic, disruptive brand and an ever increasing presence on our city streets. Boojum are experts in making delicious Mexican inspired meals, from burritos to bowls. Unlike any fresh food outlet, Boojum has the eye-catching branding that thousands of hungry metropolitans know and trust.

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Seeking Freshness with Every View

Boojum is an already long established name with a bold and eye-catching brand. They had a strong social media presence and their fantastic team had crafted multiple viral campaigns. They wanted to elevate some of the content to have a mix of styles to be able to pivot and push new products or promotions via digital marketing. Specifically, adaptability for impactful and recognisable content creation was the base for a TikTok marketing campaign which we partnered with them on, beginning with a vegan menu addition to showcase the food, the variety of options available to order so the viewer might come away hungry for a Boojum or ready to try something new.


Cameras Rolling & Rolling Burritos

We conducted a deep dive into the brand and studied the freshest trends in TikTok marketing establishing a style and a theme for our content creation. Our approach to content creation on this project was to make each video as bold and impactful as possible, using a range of innovative and eye catching shooting and editing techniques to ensure the TikTok audience stop scrolling and digest the content. The first project was a combination of in store food focus shots and vox pops with the good people of Belfast. Live and direct reviews and taste tests, agency life on the edge. 

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From Mex to Max

For the deliverables, we produced a series of short form video content to showcase a range of flavours/colours in a familiar perspective that resonates with Boojum customers as part of their TikTok marketing strategy. Content was edited into 5-10 short videos in portrait orientation, optimised for the TikTok platform, wrapping up their campaign with freshness and humour. The editing and transitions our team was able to utilise on each of the videos gave that elevated aspect Boojum were aiming for plus gave their Veganuary campaign a whole new perspective.

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That’s a Wrap

The initial campaign was a huge success and we have since collaborated on further shoots with a long term relationship now in place and a great rapport built between their in house team and our videographer. We now have a system in place between both parties which works fantastically on a creative level. Each shoot is tightly prepped and engineered to ensure a swift and efficient process which reduces impact on the operations in their stores, gives us the elements we need to take to edit which means we hit the brief each time with perfect results for our clients.

Fresh, Bold, Live Out Loud Food for all to see on TikTok.

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