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A small town, with

a big heart


Create a welcoming, location for all to shop, visit, and enjoy.

Ballymena Business Improvement District (BID) helps businesses get together and decide what improvements they want to make in the area. Providing for the local community, consumers and businesses alike and giving a voice to local business owners. They wanted to reach out to consumers using a television advertising campaign, giving everyone in the district the chance to benefit from a drive in visitors.
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Taking the high street to another level

Ballymena BID provides so much for the local community, consumers and businesses alike, giving a voice to small local business owners and aligning them with high street names to drive economic growth in the area. Ballymena BID wanted to reach out to consumers beyond the Ballymena area, using video advertising on television, giving all of the businesses in the area the chance to benefit from visitors and promote the area as a one stop shopping destination.

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Something for everyone.

This project was a collaboration between many parties, and communication was key to its success. The video had to feature as many of the local brands and outlets as possible and be able to portray the town as an accessible and enjoyable location for residential consumers and those in the surrounding area to visit. Location scouting allowed us to navigate the narrative of the video and ensure what we shot made the location as inviting and personable as possible.

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A buzzing town centre with lots on offer.

This shoot took us all over Ballymena, visiting a wide range of retailers and meeting many local faces who keep the town thriving. In order to keep the shoot moving seamlessly, comprehensive planning and communication was key to its success, giving us ample time to capture everything we needed at the right place at the right time with our very own home grown talent, Melissa Riddell and Nuala Meenehan.

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A great mixture of shopping, hospitality and leisure.

The chic and snappy television advertisement was seen by 1.3 million viewers right across Northern Ireland and brought the town directly to an eager viewing audience. The video itself went above and beyond the initial brief, not only accommodating all of the retailers involved and targeting consumers, but engagement went beyond the television to digital platforms because of our innovative shooting techniques and excellent professional casting. 

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