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Boost your presence online to help raise awareness for your business with Meta paid advertising.

Five reasons to use paid advertising

Posting to Facebook and Instagram is just the beginning to growing your business. You are putting yourself in front of your followers and their family and friends, but how do you make sure your posts are appearing in front of the right people? How do you target demographics on Meta platforms? Meta paid advertising allows you to share your posts and share ads to targeted audiences, by location, interests, age, gender and much more. In 2021, businesses worldwide spent $115 billion on ads across Meta platforms allowing businesses to present their brand, products and services to the right consumer, new or recurring.

Posting across Meta platforms can build not only your brand awareness but build meaningful relationships with your customer base whether they follow your page or not. These connections can be used to drive any number of goals you wish to achieve with your business, such as; increase sales, grow leads, showcase products and services, increase in store foot traffic or drive traffic to your website. Here are five examples of campaign goals you can use Meta paid advertising to achieve;

Build Brand Awareness

Take your audience on a journey. Let them know who you are and what you do, emphasising your brand message and company values, displaying your logo and branding on engaging and insightful content. This is especially useful if your business sells physical goods which can be shipped to your customers door. Brand awareness builds trust between your business and the customer which is a staple for consumer decision making when they are prompted to fulfil a purchase on an ecommerce site.

Advertise Sales and Promotions

Everyone loves a bargain and no one can resist when they see a discount on their newsfeed. Seeing a reduction percentage alongside your brand or product is more than enough to entice a customer to stop scrolling. Take advantage of key holidays and notable dates to run promotions and be sure to brand content and visuals appropriately to correspond with the holiday.

Promote New Products

Dropping a new product, service or line can be tough when your brand may already be saturated with well established products and services customers already enjoy. However, social networks are the number one place customers discover new products. Paid advertising with professional and engaging content could drive new and existing customers to your new product creating a buzz around the product and your brand.

Build Followers

If you feel your page is stagnating and you don’t see your following growing, paid advertising across Meta platforms can be a good way of getting your following increasing again. Having a large following can illustrate trust in your brand and a consensus among users that your page, content, products and services are of interest and value to them, so your page is worth following. 


Your established following is an asset often overlooked when it comes to paid advertising on Meta, as targeting allows you to target new relevant customers. You also have the ability to specifically target your loyal customers and followers of your pages, and rewarding loyalty is a great way to drive business. Paid advertising for a product or service giveaway, targeting your loyal customers not only rewards them, their engagement can appear on their connections news feed also, broadening the reach of your ad through engagement.

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