Call Ads: Encourage Customers to Pick up the Phone

Get the phone buzzing with call ads.

Call ads are the perfect solution for getting calls

Google Ads come in many forms utilising the latest technologies in machine learning and optimisation but one type of ad that is often overlooked is that of the humble telephone. Millions of people are using smartphones every day to browse the web and shop for products and services, but many customers still want to speak to someone before making a purchase and using a service. Google Call Ads and Call Extensions are the perfect solutions for getting your number not only to your customer but allowing them to dial straight from the Ad. 

What is a call ad?

Call ads are designed to encourage your audience and potential customers to call your business, and can appear only on devices that make phone calls. When a potential customer clicks your ad, the ad places a call to you from their device instead of directing them initially to the website

What is featured in a call ad?

Google call ads look and feel like any other ad on Google and are just as responsive. Each ad will include all the vital information the audience needs including; business name, phone number, website address and a short description of what you have to offer. It can also include Google Ads extensions if you have them set up; location extensions, callout extensions and structured snippets.

How do you target a call ad?

Call ads work just like traditional search ads and can target your audience through all the usual channels; keywords, audience segments, locations and the ad schedule. When conducting your keyword research it is important to use call-centric keywords and phrases, to ensure you’re targeting those individuals who prefer using the phone to do business and want to speak to someone directly. More importantly, using the Ad schedule ensures your call ads will only appear on the days and times that you are there to pick up the phone and collect the call, so you aren’t spending budget on days and hours your office may be closed and calls cannot be answered. 

Call ads and extensions are a great way to get more people engaging with your business especially if your business has a strong focus on customer service and care. Customers love to hear a friendly voice and often this is a strong motivator for closing a sale so give your customers every opportunity to pick up the phone.

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