The Best Design Tool

Renowned designer Marty Neumeier once said “The best design tool is a long eraser with a pencil at on end” and this is no truer with logo and brand design.

It’s all part of the process

I always tell clients that while creating concepts for logos, 99.9% of the process is finding out what doesn’t work for them – it only takes a single idea to create a logo, and the majority end up on the cutty room floor. In this blog entry, I wanted to go back through some of my favourite design concepts that just didn’t make it for one reason or another. These are some of my favourites

Cinderella Shoes

Cinderella Shoes manufacture and sell fashion shoes for plus-sized women and when I initially met with the client they said they wanted a modern brand that would empower woman. I liked this concept as the monogram of the ‘c’ and ‘s’ was feminine and while placed in the shield shape it portrayed the idea of strength. I felt this icon paired with the modern word mark represented the brand perfectly.

Cinderella Shoes Concept

Eighteen Thirtyone

Eighteen Thirtyone are a giftware company who manufacture their own candles and sell them along with other gifts etc. In this concept, I integrated the number 1831 and the word so that both would be included in the logo. I also felt the number alone worked well as a standalone icon for social media use etc.

1831 Concept


Bee True is a start-up counselling service. The owner came to me wanting a traditional counselling logo with a lotus leaf. I really liked this concept as I really wanted to include a logo design with a bee and marry it into the original brief. I feel this concept comes across as friendly and welcoming and would suit the brand perfectly.

Beetrue Concept

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions

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