The ABCs of Google Ads

Google Ads can be a daunting venture but if done correctly, it can open your business to millions of people

Google Ads take many forms

With an evolving digital landscape to promote your business, if you aren’t using Google Ads, you can bet that your competitors are. If you don’t understand how Google Ads works it can be a daunting venture and one you may feel is not for your business but if done correctly, Google Ads can open up your business to the millions of individuals who use Google every day.

Google Ads take many forms, from text to video, graphics to shopping links, and integrated lead forms. They offer so many opportunities for your potential customers to learn more about your business, purchase your products and enquire about your services. Before you start, familiarise yourself with the three main elements that make the foundation of your Google Ads.

A is for Audience 

You know your business better than anyone, whether you are selling a product or providing a service, you know who your customers are and you may know some of their consumer habits. Your audience is who you want to target your Google Ads to. This can be by demographic such as age and gender, location spanning countries and continents, or cities and postcodes. 

B is for Budget

Your budget is how much you’re willing to spend on your Google Ads, and you can choose your amount based on how much return you want on your spend or if you have previous data you can use to optimise your budget spend. Whether you decide to start small or go all in with a larger budget, as long as you’ve done your market research and streamlined your targeting, you will see positive results.

C is for Campaigns

Creative campaigns are a sure way of getting your audience to interact with the ad. From video, images and graphics, to the copywriting in your headlines and descriptions. Having an engaging piece of content is the hook for your audience to decide in your favour. High-quality and professional video content is an unbeatable way of making an impact on your audience. Clear and concise copywriting can also provide your audience with all the information they need before they click through to your website.

After your first campaign is completed, you will have a wealth of data and information to make informed decisions about how your campaigns can progress into the future. You will know which content generates the most attraction, who interacts with the content and when. You will also be able to learn which strategies drive your business online, so you can get more for your budget, a better return on your ad spend and be able to cater to the needs of your audience better every time.

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