Succeeding on Social Media

Four questions every business should answer for successful social media campaigns.

Do you know who you’re talking to?

Like all good conversations, it starts with knowing who you’re talking to. Understanding your defined audience group sets the foundation for a successful marketing campaign. Once you’ve identified your audience through the plethora of data and analytics from social media platforms, digital conversations will soon start to flow.
Here at Platform Media, we like to get to know our audience, from their interests to their favourite time of day. We’re intrigued by them!

Should you be on all platforms?

Every platform has its own way of communicating. Each with its own communication format for different audience demographics. Statistically, the largest group of Facebook users in the UK are 25 to 34 years of age, while the largest group of TikTok users are 18-24 years of age. A “one-size-fits-all” approach across all platforms won’t optimise your message. Therefore, not all platforms are necessary for your business.
At Platform Media, we remember that each platform is unique, and messages connect to audiences in different ways. We think platform-specific!

Top Tip

Ensure that your accounts are set to business accounts, for access to social media business insights and tools!

Is your content suitable?

Engaging content starts with a clear intention and setting of business goals. Your business goals could be to increase brand awareness, promote specific products or engage more with your current audience. Identifying which goals are suitable for you helps create a focused message for successful content.
At Platform Media, we remember to be visual and explore your options! Include a range of content and styles to keep audiences wanting more.

Top Tip

Successful content can be described as either one or all these adjectives, fun, useful, beautiful, or inspiring!

Are you making the most of your time?

Time can be at a standstill, even when you’ve identified your foundation. However, it’s crucial to be making use of time by playing the ‘strategy and learning game’.
At Platform Media, we take the time to plan, strategise, redefine, and constantly improve all our social media campaigns. It’s an ongoing journey for us!

Top Tip

Analyse and measure your insights! Any social media business account gives you access to key statistics such as your audience and best posting times. Use them well!

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