5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When Starting

Here are five common mistakes to avoid when starting your digital marketing campaigns.

Top five digital marketing mistakes

1. The Strategy

The first common mistake is often at the first hurdle, not having a clear set of goals and not knowing what you want to achieve from your campaigns can lead to wasted time, resources and money. Setting clearly defined goals will help you plan and measure your campaigns and be able to incorporate your results to ensure your marketing strategy works for your business.

2. The Approach

The second common mistake is making a marketing plan which is too ambitious from the outset. Trying to do too much, too soon, and too early can lead, not only to dysfunctional marketing campaigns but burning out your own energy and taking too much time away from the business itself. Pace your campaigns using the goals you’ve identified and the resources you have available, to ensure a steady return on your investment.

3. The Targeting

The third common mistake is incorrect customer targeting. If you are using paid advertising, you can easily burn away your budget by showing your ads to the wrong audience. Build your audiences based on your product, your brand, your goals and seasonal trends. Putting the right ads in front of the right people significantly increases the chances of converting into a sale or a lead.

4. The Tracking

The fourth common mistake is not taking advantage of your data. Using any platform of digital marketing can provide you with a wealth of information about your audience, from their shopping patterns to their interactions online. The ability to incorporate this data can allow you to optimise your campaigns and allow you to use your time and budgets more effectively.

5. The Next Steps

Finally, a problem with many failing digital marketing campaigns is not looking ahead. Plan your campaigns and reviews around your business. You will learn more about your audience’s decision making and be able to invest in better content and expand your platforms. Like you would follow the market trends of your business, also follow online and cultural trends that you could capitalise on through digital marketing. 


To summarise; you can use the five steps above and get your marketing plans up and running, then work backwards to optimise and fine-tune your campaigns. Using your data to learn more about your audience, retarget your campaigns to the right people, pace yourself and utilise the resources you have effectively and finally review your goals once the first round of campaign goals is complete.

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