7 Reasons Why it’s a Great Idea to Use an Agency

It takes teamwork to make the dream work.

How our agency can help you

We hear you… and we’re here for you. 

Do you have loads of marketing ideas for your business but don’t have the expertise to put them into action? 

Or do you have one idea that our creative teams can help make a reality? 

Or do you have no idea what you’re doing because you’re so focused on making your business work that you don’t have the luxury of time to sit down and think about melty things like marketing strategy and digital campaigns that could transform your business? 

Well, it’s OK to be the last one. We don’t know how you do what you do, you’re the master of that domain and bravo to that. So you do that and we can do what we do. Which is essentially telling loads more people what you do so you become even busier.

Here’s a rundown on the benefits of working with an agency and before we go any further, we’d prefer it if you chose us which is why we’re writing this. No pressure, but we have your IP address now so we will hunt you down for answers if you go elsewhere. 

1. Creative Juices
In agencies, they flow like the Lagan. And they flow throughout you too. That’s how your business got started. The benefits of these collective juices in a marketing agency are they belong to a multi-disciplined motley crew of creative marketers PLUS video, design, social media and more. Gurus who have years in the game and can collaborate to help you hit the ground running.  

2. Knowledge Base

It’s those years in the game which add up to make a unified mass of creativity. Designers to help you rebrand or refresh, web developers to tweak, rebuild or SEO your site, videographers to shoot a game-changing corporate video… The magic lies under one roof so you don’t have to go to multiple meetings with multiple people to do multiple things. Do it all in one meeting (right here if you like). It’s cost-effective and you get the best talent in the field that you couldn’t otherwise get hiring each person individually.

3. Sharing is Caring

We’re down to earth, approachable, easy to work with and we DO NOT do corporate speak here. So bring your ideas to the table, we’ll run them up the flag pole, throw some blue sky thinking at them and see what lands. It takes teamwork to make the dream work so collaborating on ideas is where the magic happens. So hypothetically if you were to work with us you could bring your ideas in, mix them with some of ours and climb the strategic staircase to successville. 

4. Give Yourself Some Me Time

A marketing agency can handle all the things you don’t have time for and allows you the time to focus your attention on other things. Analytics optimization, flyer design, social media posts, reels, stories, web copy, and ad campaigns. We got this. Your time is vital to your business growth. You don’t need to be involved in everything once the idea is agreed upon. Put simply, your marketing agency can take care of your marketing activities so you don’t have to.

5. Life on the Edge

Agencies are all over analytics, reports, data, software and tech they always have the right systems in place as and when you need them. An agency will have years of expertise on tap and you get access to all those benefits instantly as soon as you partner up with them and become one of the fam. 

6. The Results Are In

Performance metrics, in-depth analysis and reporting let you see what is working, what’s not, what an agency recommends and where your spend does the most good. This is where you get the gold and true ROI for your business. They can fine-tune the strategy based on your own results. An agency will capture the right information and use it to grow your business. 

7. Back Up

Having an agency and account manager at the end of the phone means they can step in and save the day whenever you need them. Have an event and need it filmed pronto? Need business cards designed and printed before a conference? Need to run a new campaign on Google for a new product line? There’s no learning curve at the agency, they have all the skills you need. Let you and your team handle the business side, let your marketing agency handle the marketing. 

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